Dynamic ad monetization service for OTT operators and platforms

Amagi THUNDERSTORM MS is a managed server-side ad-insertion service for OTT platforms, content-aggregators and operators, looking for an end-to-end solution for ad monetization. THUNDERSTORM MS bundles world-class server-side ad insertion technology with service automation and 24x7 support. This makes it a compelling one-stop-shop to manage entire ad monetization infrastructure.

Amagi THUNDERSTORM MS managed service platform was primarily built as a server-side ad insertion (SSAI) platform for live, live-linear, and VOD content. Since its inception, the platform has been designed to consider concurrency needs, CDN integrations, and multi-device support across connected TVs and mobile devices.

Download the brochure to understand more about the following features:

  1. Single manifest served to all audience
  2. Widest variety of device support
  3. Hyperscale targeting
  4. Analytics
  5. Multiple Ad Network configurations
  6. Monitoring Automation
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