Amagi<span> ON-DEMAND </span>


Workflow orchestration platform for seamless Video On Demand (VOD) delivery.

Get full control of your VOD workflow – from ingest to delivery.

Amagi ON-DEMAND is a cloud-based orchestration platform to seamlessly manage an entire VOD asset processing workflow, right from content ingest to delivering VOD assets for a multitude of OTT and ad-supported platforms. It offers operational superiority based on complete automation of media processing capabilities. Unlike traditional media processing workflows, Amagi ON-DEMAND’s simple web UI gives a bird’s-eye view of key workflow parameters such as asset ingest, transcoding and asset delivery. It supports industry-standard ingest formats including mRSS / ADI and metadata in CSV format.

The platform allows the user to access key workflow processes with real-time alerts, high-level view of assets in different workflows, quick idea of system-health and the agility to deep-dive into specific issues. Amagi ON-DEMAND can ingest all industry-preferred formats for audio, video, and subtitles. Its automated QC capabilities can validate feeds, ingest sources and delivery packages to ensure there are no SLA violations. Amagi ON-DEMAND can generate delivery output in multiple formats and deliver broadcast-grade VOD assets to multiple vMVPD and ad-supported platforms simultaneously using a unified web-UI.

  • Real-time alerts for a bird’s-eye view over multiple VOD workflows
  • Intuitive UI for failure recoveries and SLA upkeep
  • Easy-to-use dashboard with access to all the VOD workflow metrics
  • Automated reporting to access health of asset ingest and delivery to platforms


Media ingest


Access all the asset information, source components and attributes like duration, type, genre, and ingest date. You can view real-time status related to QC, asset validation, metadata, and the readiness for distribution. You can also select assets and archive them for long-term preservation.

Media processing


Media processing shows the individual platforms which are attributed to the corresponding assets for delivery and indicates the media profiles such as HLS or ProRes. It also gives real-time status of the output media package including AV, statics, and closed captions.

VOD asset distribution


You can distribute VOD packages and streams to multiple vMVPD platforms and keep track of the entire process related to delivery and track the asset packages and status of delivery to the platforms.


Take a look at some of the key features of Amagi ON-DEMAND that enables hassle-free management of your entire VOD asset processing workflow

Simple user-interface

An intuitive web UI with watch folder enabled media processing capability and REST API for interoperability of multiple systems over IP.

Workflow orchestration

Achieve speed, flexibility and greater efficiencies with our integrated workflow engine

Seamless integration

Amagi ON-DEMAND can seamlessly integrate with channels and TV networks looking for playout solutions, VOD segmentation and delivery to multiple vMVPD platforms.

Distribute VOD assets to leading platforms.

Amagi delivers VOD content to 25+ SVOD and AVOD platforms, and is continuously expanding its distribution network in the US and other countries across Latin America, Europe and Asia.

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