Amagi <span>LIVE </span>

Amagi LIVE

Orchestrate live events for the world from any remote location.

Manage multiple live feeds, graphics and ads from your web browser.

Amagi LIVE is a UHD ready, cloud-based live orchestration platform. It helps content creators and broadcasters spin-up live channels instantly and orchestrate broadcast-grade live content on the go. Amagi LIVE can be deployed with ease and is capable of ingesting multi-source, multi-protocol content including NDI IP standard. The platform is all for flexibility and enables the operator to control break durations and slots, insert graphics in the live feed, extend live playout, switch between input sources and so on with live controls on the platform. Since Amagi LIVE is completely cloud-based, it can be operated remotely from anywhere in the world, using a simple web dashboard with multiple operation modes.

The ganged control feature and scalability of Amagi LIVE makes it the most versatile live orchestration platform available today. It can be used to manage a single channel, multiple channels with different ads and graphics playlists for the same breaks. The platform brings down the overall infrastructure and operations cost by reducing the need for multiple live operators per event.

Amagi LIVE supports all the industry standard advanced graphic templates, native graphics, HTML and With an ability to spin-up broadcast-grade live channels in minutes, Amagi LIVE offers the most economical, and flexible solution to cover large events, mid-tier, or even local events such as college or university-level sports.

  • UHD ready platform, stream live events in 4K resolution
  • Cost-effective live orchestration on cloud
  • Broadcast-grade quality with low-latency
  • Ganged control with multi-feed orchestration
  • Rich metadata capture for downstream interactivity
  • Real-time control over breaks and dynamic graphics

Application areas

Broadcast-grade rendering of live events


Create a rich, live experience with broadcast-grade graphics, and manage multiple events in parallel by dynamically spinning-up virtual infrastructure.

Centralized ‘ganged’ controls for advertising


Create event templates for efficiently handling multiple event parameters such as ad durations, and ad slots.

Create innovative broadcast experience with intent capture


Create intent-based, programmable actions such as playing specific graphics mapped to predetermined mini-events during the game.


See how Amagi LIVE stands out as one of the most flexible live orchestration platform that helps you deliver outstanding live experience

Multi-format, multi-protocol ingests

Ingest from multiple sources, and multiple formats such as NDI IP standard, RTP, RTMP, HLS, Zixi, LTN, SMPTE 2110 for a highly redundant live playout set-up.

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