Aggregate channels on FAST platforms

Aggregate channels on FAST platforms

Add third-party channels and create O&O channels on Free Ad Supported TV platforms

Power your FAST platform with broadcast-grade linear channels

For Free Ad-Supported TV (FAST) platforms, Amagi provides access to a wide range of live linear channels from leading content brands who are looking to expand their distribution. Partnering with Amagi, FAST platforms can increase their channel line-up adding diverse content genre to their portfolio – sports, news, drama, movies, music, adventure sports, outdoor sports, sci-fi, kids, lifestyle, travel, education, wildlife and many others.

Also, FAST platforms can launch their Owned and Operated (O&O) channels using Amagi CLOUDPORT, an award-winning linear channel creation platform. With Amagi, FAST platforms have a reliable partner with a global network to expand their reach, channel portfolio and generate ad revenues.

Amagi has enabled many leading FAST platforms at launch in the US, Mexico, Brazil, UK, and Australia to name a few.

  • Access 500+ content brands
  • Build channel line-up with wide genre
  • Platform launch partner in global markets
  • Simple web platform to launch O&O channels
  • Broadcast-grade quality
Add third-party channels to your FAST platform

Amagi makes it easy for you to create and enrich TV-like experience with 4K UHD and HD channels, feature-rich with graphics and EPG from third-party content brands. Amagi powers 500+ linear channels on its cloud platform, giving FAST platforms an attractive array of channel line-up required to build their platform. Through Amagi FAST Track, a versatile connector for delivering a hassle-free technical integration with FAST platforms, it's simple, quick and effortless to add new content brands. Be it to grow existing FAST platforms, or to launch new ones, Amagi is your partner with the most advanced technology solution and global market support.

Add third-party channels to your FAST platform

Channel Creation

Amagi simplifies linear OTT channel creation by bringing together all aspects of the broadcast workflow on to a sophisticated yet easy-to-use web user interface on its award-winning cloud playout platform, Amagi CLOUDPORT. Digital networks and content owners can easily spin-up new channels through a structured process of content ingest, scheduling, and playout with 24x7 control of the end-to-end channel creation workflow.

Channel Creation

Using automated workflows, ingest live and library content, ad files, graphics, and schedules even when they are in multiple formats. Easily create thematic channels and pop-up channels by managing playlists, defining schedules, and adding graphics.

01Metadata creation

Create and enrich metadata of content assets using automation to enable easy retrieval of video files for building playlists.

02Program scheduling

Build schedules based on program grid, copy programming blocks, integrate ad traffic, graphics and promos.

03Dynamic graphics

Add rich video effects such as Credit Squeeze, PIP, L-band and more using ready-to-use dynamic graphics templates.

04Storage and archival

Store live and library content on public or private cloud. Access all your content at any time through web UI.

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