Connecting content owners and platforms to grow viewership and revenues

Connecting content owners and platforms to grow viewership and revenues

Expand your global reach effortlessly with Amagi CONTENT PLUS

Join Amagi CONTENT PLUS - our end-to-end marketplace that effortlessly connects content owners and platforms.

With Amagi CONTENT PLUS, content owners will expand their global reach while quickly adding new revenue streams. Platforms will strengthen their content line up to build a loyal and engaged audience.

Leverage a large and fast-growing inventory of channels and platforms spanning the CTV universe - driven by our cloud native technology stack for creation, distribution and monetization.

Amagi advantages
  • Best in class monetization with Amagi ADS PLUS - our CTV ads marketplace - backed by our proprietary ad tech stack
  • Access over 2K channels and 50+ FAST platforms
  • Effortless onboarding & management of channels
  • Data & insights to improve content personalization that translate into better viewer engagement and more ad revenues

Content owners

Distribute at scale and expand reach with our content marketplace. Expand your channel portfolio on platforms you currently have or launch channels on newer platforms. Access a rich set of CTV/FAST & AVOD platforms, while Amagi handles the end-to-end distribution and agreements, along with complete monetization of your live, linear and VOD content. As we continue to grow our inventory of FAST platforms, you can be assured of exponentially growing your presence across the CTV universe, and taking your content before the best CTV audiences across the world.

Access leading Free Ad-supported Streaming TV (FAST) platforms through Amagi

Access leading Free Ad-supported Streaming TV (FAST) platforms through Amagi


Simplify access to content


Acquire content at scale by tapping into our expanding inventory of channels from the best content brands across the world.

Drive improved viewer engagement through personalized content across themes and genres including entertainment, news, sports and live events and more.

Manage channels with ease


Leverage Amagi's industry leading technology combined with our seamless, standardized processes to onboard and manage channels effortlessly and ensure quick time to market.

Generate new revenue streams


Effectively monetize your channels with our first-party ad network – Amagi ADS PLUS – that seamlessly connects ad sellers and buyers - and is backed by an industry leading ad tech stack.

Featured content partners

beIN Sports
Curiosity Stream
Discovery Networks
Fox Networks

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