Spin up live, linear channels in a flash

Spin up live, linear channels in a flash

Launch power-packed channels with ease & agility

Whether you are a content owner, broadcaster or streaming platform, you can leverage our native cloud solutions and expertise to create live, linear channels with ease and agility for satellite, fiber, or IP delivery.

Create engaging channels with advanced graphics, programming & ad schedules - in a matter of hours. Get the Amagi CLOUDPORT advantage.

Amagi advantages
  • Broadcast-grade quality
  • Unified multi-cloud workflows for TV & OTT
  • Advanced dynamic graphics supporting PiP, L-band, squeeze back and more
  • Linear channel creation for native apps & leading FAST platforms
  • Industry-leading solution adopted by leading content owners & networks, including news and sports brands

Channel creation

Channel creation

Your one-stop solution for content ingest, scheduling, playlist management & much more.

01Seamless video & metadata ingest

Automate ingest workflows with QC and deliver the highest quality channels that maximize your ROI.

02Regionalized channels

Traditional broadcast networks can regionalize channels based on viewer preferences, broadcast regulations & content rights obligation.

03Dynamic graphics

Add rich video effects such as credit squeeze, PIP, L-band and more using read-to-use dynamic graphics templates.

04Pop-up channels

Spin up short duration channels to test markets, drive content promotions and manage seasonal/holiday demands.



Amagi’s onboarding team works with customer’s technical team for transitioning entire ingest workflow including storage options, and live integration.

Storage and archival

For asset storage, Amagi's solution offers optimized cloud storage and redundancy with premium cloud providers such as AWS or Google cloud, without requiring any intervention from the customer.



Amagi’s onboarding team works with external vendors, and delivery partners to achieve acceptable asset and signal quality.

Transcoding and format conversion

For cross-continent delivery, Amagi offers multiple transcoding options to ensure desired broadcast quality and compliance.

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